Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why - an angry poem

WHY- an angry poem
yesterday I did not tell you
Today I must bare my soul, use my voice,or whatever and spew this venom I have restrained
I can no longer hold it in - to do so would hurt me, and that is a thing I would rather not do.
You settle for darkness because it is easy
to blame others for events that happened in your life, the one in which you are present 100% of the time,
Between life and lignite, there is light (at least in the dictionary),
So I hold out hope that in the black muscle you call a heart there is some too.
Yet you continue to practice evil,
the same evil that turns your head
when others are abused - you give no concern because it is not you, it didn’t happen in your house or to anyone you know, So you say tht’s just Tough-o Shit-o
and you laugh
You don’t hesitate to blame others for what you did
because You think you gain that way..And the evil grows, as you continue
to point your finger, shoot and drive away.
Never looking back
At the hate and hurt and grudges, you throw at others
like ninja knives, piercing and damaging
those who got in your way
What could be fixed with Band-aids and kisses
is met with a slap
Because you believe they meant to slap you
only yours is harder because you believe that making them hurt will ease your pain
Go Ahead - and turn your head and tell me to fuck off
Tell me I’m no saint, tell me to cram my bullshit back where it came
And fool yourself into thinking that makes you feel better
because what the hell do I know - who the hell do I think I am
Go Ahead and walk away
and light the black candle in your heart, and feed the foulness that infests your soul
because you can’t be bothered
I humbly apologize for having wasted your precious time, time that could have been used to pursue more ill-gotten gains. Please don’t think I wrote this with you in mind.